Sunday, January 16, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Talk to Action: Dog Whistle for Prayer Warriors - Palin as Victim of Blood Libel, Part I and Part II

Truth Wins Out: Gearing Up To Stop Genocide In Uganda and Spotlighting The Family

Right Wing Watch: AFA Blog: It's Not Genocide If God Tells You To Do It

Right Wing Watch: MassResistance Loses It Over Profile of Lively

Media Matters: Conservative Media Attack Native American Blessing At AZ Memorial Service

Media Matters: Does CNN Condone Erickson's Tirades Against Nonbelievers?

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Religious right nonsense coming to South Carolina

RH Reality Check: Sing Out for Abortion Rights

Salon: Why won't anyone sign Glenn Beck's self-serving violence pledge?

The Whore of All the Earth: Book Review: Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know -- And Doesn't

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