Sunday, December 12, 2010

News Tidbits

Louisville Courier-Journal: Beshear Says Ark Park Contract Will Prohibit Religious Discrimination

CNN: Conservative Christians ask Apple to reinstate controversial app

Toronto Sun: Salvation Army Bans Harry Potter and Twilight Toys

Newsweek: One Nation Under God

Indy Week: Abortion protesters target Enloe High School

The Advocate: Christian B&B Owners Sued for Discrimination

Beliefnet: Religious groups rally behind traditional marriage

Minnesota Independent: Bachmann calls for Congress to defund Planned Parenthood

Minnesota Independent: Minnesota Family Council’s Anderson talks with ‘hate group’ founder Peter LaBarbera

Radio Iowa: Bishop urges Catholics to be “cascading voice” opposing abortion clinic

Florida Independent: Texas anti-abortion group targets Planned Parenthood, African-Americans in North Florida ad campaign

Edge Boston: NOM’s Gallagher mocks pro-marriage equality Catholics

Minnesota Public Radio: Group to return same-sex marriage DVDs to archdiocese

Pink News: Anti-gay Christian preacher wins £4,000 compensation for arrest

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