Friday, November 5, 2010

Commentary Tidbits

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Christian Nation: The Other Fundamentalist Perspective, Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV

Right Wing Watch: Right-Wing Lays Out Agenda for GOP Leaders, Calls For "Restoring Traditional Moral Values"

Mother Jones: Ralph Reed's Teavangelicals

Religion Dispatches: Hate, An American Voter Value

Religion Dispatches: Religious Right Attacks Federal Bullying Intervention

Texas Freedom Network: Texas Eagle Forum Promotes Anti-Muslim Discrimination

The Guardian: The women-hating rage of the Republican right

Box Turtle Bulletin: My existence is not a violation of your rights

Right Wing Watch: Everything You Need To Know About The FRC

Talk to Action: Bachmann Gave To MN Addiction Recovery Center Credited With Exorcisms

Daily Mail: The new abortion war: Could Britain follow in the steps of the militant U.S. 'pro-lifers'?

The Nation: The SBA List's 'Pro-Life' Lies

Think Progress: Alabama Supreme Court Justice Compares DADT Judge To Al-Qaeda

Media Matters: CNN's Erickson urges Coloradans to impose religious test in Senate race

Truth Wins Out: Since There Is So Much Overlap Between Anti-Gay Bigots and Anti-Choice Zealots…

Gawker: College Kids Go Demonstrate at Anti-Gay Preacher's Church

Lez Get Real: Liberty Council Attacks Susan G. Komen With Old Lies About Abortion And Breast Cancer

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