Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Commentary Tidbits: Election Day Edition

Remember to get out to the polls and vote!

Yahoo News: Religious right makes comeback in 2010 election

Wall Street Journal: How Fundamentalist C-Street Center is Shaping the Mid-Term Elections

Freak Out Nation: How Far Will the Religious Right Go to Win the Election?

The Wall of Separation: From The Pews To The Polls: Candidates Visit Churches, But Clergy Stay Neutral

Right Wing Watch: "God is Going to Do Something Supernatural in These Elections"

Right Wing Watch: Dobson Urges Christians to Vote with a Speech from Jerry Boykin

Joe.My.God: Cindy Jacobs: If Latinos Vote Against Gay Marriage, God Told Me He'll Grant Them Comprehensive Immigration Reform

RH Reality Check: It's Election Day! What's At Stake?

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