Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vision Forum Hosting the History of America Mega-Conference

Love, Joy, Feminism recently posted on an upcoming conference hosted by Vision Forum, a Christian homeschooling organization seeped in Christian Patriarchy ideology. The History of America Mega-Conference will take place on July 2-6 at the Radisson Hotel Harrisburg in Camp Hill, PA. Vision Forum's website claims that the left is "stealing our history", describing the conference as an antidote to alleged "revisionism" and "politically-correct" messages about America's past.
"Are you and your children equipped to defend America’s godly heritage against today’s fierce onslaught of historical revisionism? ... Are you and your children equipped to answer the politically-correct, historical revisionism that dominates higher academia and the mass media today — to defend our nation’s godly heritage with nuance and precision against the fierce onslaught of secular skepticism?

Antagonists to the Christian faith are stealing our history, and it’s time we take it back. The engaging messages given at this conference will arm your family with the truth to combat the lies of the Left — to have a sure foundation for the 21st century.

Were our Founding Fathers Deists? How should we view our government’s treatment of American Indians? What are we to make of the War Between the States? These and other raging controversies will be answered."
What struck me about the conference agenda is the absence of women. All the listed speakers are men, and the website states that the conference will discuss "the men and the movements that have shaped our culture" (emphasis mine). I'm curious as to how the conference will depict the roles of women, people of color, immigrants, and non-Christians in American history.

The History of America Mega-Conference will present American history through the lens of a conservative "Christian worldview", as suggested by some of the workshop titles.
 The Panorama of God's Providence in the History of America

The Providence of God in the Age of Exploration

The Colonial Period, Part I: Biblical Family and Civil Government in England and America

Why 19th Century American Literature Was at War with God
Past events and statements by Vision Forum have depicted the past in a distorted manner, whether the topic was the Titanic tragedy, the environmental movement, or American food culture. I expect the History of America Mega-Conference to embody the same agenda, and I'd like to listen to the workshops first-hand to be sure. Fortunately, I live within driving distance of Harrisburg, so I sense an infiltration opportunity. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I just registered! Check back for my report in July!


  1. if there is one thing that makes me see red it's homeschooling. Once used only by those who lived too far from school, it's now used by the religious right to indoctrinate their children in fantasy science and history. It's an abomination that states don't impose both a curricula and mandatory text books, with testing to make sure that real education is going on. Nobody can stop the religious indoctrination, but we are turning out idiots who then waste precious college time being "untrained" in their stupidity. Yuck...

    1. Sherry -- There ABSOLUTELY needs to be better standards for homeschooling to prevent this kind of indoctrination. The children of fundamentalists who inflict this kind of "education" on them really lose out.


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