Monday, June 3, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Williamette Week: The Cake Wars

Media Matters: "Pederastic Cotton Candy": WND's Five Craziest Responses To The Boy Scouts Vote

Becoming Worldly: To Homeschooling's "Old Guard": 20 Truths You Need to Hear

Gay Star News: A gay dad protects his kids from extremists who are targeting them

Broadway World: Gadfly Publishing Releases 'Bible Bullies: How Fundamentalists Got the Good Book So Wrong'

RH Reality Check: Reproductive Coercion: A Widespread Form of Domestic Violence Supported by Anti-Choice Legislation


  1. "Cake Wars" is funny. What is there that won't eventually be turned into a weapon, or battlefield, in the culture wars? I loved it when Big Bird suddenly became a political football in the last election.

    It gives Eddie Izzard's "cake or death" a new slant.

    That they would casually offer cakes for other taboo occasions, but not for a gay wedding, does suggest there's some real animus at work. Why Christianity settled on homosexuality rather than any of the other Leviticus taboos to get its magic underwear in a twist about, remains a mystery.

    1. Infidel -- They definitely nurse a burning hostility toward LGBTQ people that they don't nurture toward mixed fabric, pork, shellfish, menstruation, or companion planting. I think it's because LGBTQ rights are such a threat to their patriarchal notions of gender and sex. It's also why abortion, contraception, and feminism are such boogeymen to the Religious Right.

      :: wants cake right now ::

  2. Just read the 20 truths piece. I liked the point about children not "belonging" to parents. I was also a little shocked by the idea of an "unschooling" movement.

    1. Donna -- Fundamentalists definitely see children as the property of their parents, hence their disdain for children's rights and their enthusiasm for "parental rights". In extreme cases, this attitude can foster abusive behavior (see the writings of the Pearls, for instance). It's a toxic attitude that needs to go.


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