Friday, June 7, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

Right Wing Watch: MassResistance Praises Nigerian Bill Criminalizing Homosexuality and Gay Rights Advocacy

God Discussion: Southern Baptist Convention losing members, baptisms in decline, according to self-assessment

Daylight Atheist: Winning a Two-Front War Against Anti-Feminists

Friendly Atheist: Ken Ham: If You Criticize the Creation Museum for Not Teaching Science, You’re Just Intolerant Against Christians


  1. From the SBC commentary, a quote from SBC rep:

    "Southern Baptists cannot rest on what God accomplished through us in prior years."

    That is hilarious! Uh, we can't be satisfied with what God has done through us. We need to do more, er, let God do... more... through us. Wait a minute... Who's doing the work anyway?!?!? ;-)

  2. thanks for the one on Ken Ham. I do love beating up on that foolish grifter.

    1. Sherry -- I dislike the man too, and not just because of his so-called "museum".


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