Friday, June 21, 2013

News Tidbits

The Advocate: An Exodus From the 'Ex-Gay' Movement?

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Religions seen slow to go green; Pope has chance to inspire

Edge Boston: Conservative PAC Issues Warning Over White House Pride Month Ceremony

RTV 6 ABC: Ball State panel scrutinizes honors science course

CNN: Superman: Flying to a church near you

Arkansas News: Groups pondering ways to restrict sales of morning after pill in state

NBC KXAN: Interview questions spark criticism, possible legal action

Washington Post: Josh Duggar moving to D.C. for political job with Family Research Council

Irish Times: Ireland: Anger over ‘vigil for life’ leaflets given to pupils in Dublin primary school

Christian Science Monitor: As Spain's people drift from Catholic Church, government cozies up

Edge Boston: Brazil Lawmakers OK Bill For Treatment of Gays

Pink News: UK: Gay ‘cure’ therapy NHS ban motion gains cross-party support

Gay News Network: Philippine Archbishop Says It's Okay for a Gay Man and a Lesbian to Marry


  1. The Archbishop story is almost too funny to even be sad. He's thought about it, and thought about it, and he has come to the conclusion that it's ok for a gay man to marry a lesbian. Whoopie, a win for marriage equality.

    Some people really do just live in a different world.

    1. Michelle -- That's for sure. I vaguely remember Michele Bachmann making a similar comment to some children a while back.


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