Monday, November 19, 2012

GOD TV Co-Founder Posts Prophesy About President

Even though the 2012 presidential election concluded weeks ago, some Christian voices are still reading cosmic content into politics. On November 12th, GOD TV co-founder Wendy Alec posted the "Obama Prophesy and Prayer" on the GOD TV website. Written from God's perspective in faux-Biblical language Alec's prophesy promises wisdom and unity for America's religious leaders with a dash of pro-Israel rhetoric.

Alec's prophesy begins by lamenting the "disobedience" of God's people and "prayerlessness" in government. Still, it promises that President Obama's eyes will be opened to "things in the nature and things in the spirit."
For my hand has been restrained, says the Lord – My Hand has been restrained because of the disobedience of my people –

For there have been many prayers that have risen up to my throne but there has been prayerlessness for this government

For I tell you, beloved son, beloved daughter that as you arise in prayer for this government – as you arise in prayer for this President – for this husband; for this father of children, for this President of the nation of America –

That my hand shall once again be loosed to move upon the White House – upon the government – upon the President – in power – in glory and in might

And as you lift up your voice in the day and as you lift up your voice in the night hour before my throne and pray for wisdom for this man –

I tell you that even in an instant – I shall release wisdom –

Even in an instant I shall release revelation –

Even in an instant – his eyes shall be opened to things in the natural and things in the spirit realm that he has been previously blinded to –

And I shall pour out My Spirit upon the White House –

And I shall pour out My Spirit upon Congress
Alec's prophesy continues, with God promising "a working together across the aisles" that will transcend philosophical differences over issues. Congress will be infused with "a spirit of reconciliation", and rifts will be healed between Republicans and Democrats, Congress and Israel, and President Obama and Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.

The prophesy vows that "the spirit of Jezebel" will be driven from Congress. Apostolic preachers such as Lou Engle has spoken of Jezebel as a demon of corruption and depravity, and I can't help but wonder if "the spirit of Jezebel" is a veiled reference to social issues here. Later in the text, the prophesy claims that God will "break the bonds of intimidation" that have shackled the president, lifting the influence of Jezebel that allegedly paralyzed him.

The prophesy also states that certain men and women will be removed from positions of power through a Cyrus figure. In the Bible, Cyrus was a beloved Persian king who ended the Jews' captivity and decreed that the Temple in Jerusalem be rebuilt.
And the spirit of Jezebel shall be rooted out of the White House –

It shall be rooted out of the Congress

For I shall tear down and root out –

And even certain men and certain women shall be removed from their positions

They shall be removed –

And there shall even be removals from a high place – a place of great authority

And in their place I shall position those chosen and appointed by my own hand

There will be Cyrus’ whose hands I shall use
The prophesy vows that President Obama will become a "champion for the poor and the weak and the helpless" through God. God will also supposedly grant the president wisdom in his dealings with Israel, Iran, and Afghanistan while putting "a hook in his nose to Israel." Whether this means that God will supposedly strengthen U.S.-Israeli ties or give the president a nose ring is up for speculation.

In short, Wendy Alec posted a prophesy allegedly from God, promising wisdom for the president and unity for Congress. And I'm left thinking, oooooooookaaaay then ...

To read Wendy Alec's "Obama Prophesy and Prayer", click here


  1. If there's one thing I can't stand it's an unoriginal prophet.

    1. Doug -- It seems a lot of the modern ones lack originality.

  2. How very odd. I must ask her: Will I win this week's Powerball?

    1. Snoring Dog Studio -- Have you ever noticed that when Charismatics/Apostolics prophesize, it's always extremely vague? Just once, I'd like to hear a prophesy predict lottery numbers.

  3. That's quite the mixed bag, isn't it?

    The hook in the nose is a reference to what's done with bulls; you put in a nose ring, and then you can lead them by hand from that ring. So it's an image of a weak but wise person leading a strong but dumb, or otherwise, unruly animal.

    Basically what he's saying is that Israel will lead us, and not the other way around.

    1. Wise Fool -- Ah. Thanks for the clarification. Pretty clear where Alec stands on U.S.-Israel relations, isn't it? Yeek.

  4. I have to ask...what the heck is God TV and how have I not heard of this nonsense? Seriously...

    In response to her prophecy, I think Doug summed it up really well above. There is nothing really original in it. It is the same regurgitated nonsense that always seems to come up and is, as we know, never fulfilled, but the credulous keep on believing it....ugh

    1. ReasonBeing -- GOD TV is a web-based Charismatic/Apostolic Christian TV channel. It's been an invaluable resource for my blogging because it lets me watch "interesting" Christian prayer events from around the globe.



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