Monday, November 19, 2012

Charisma Magazine Confronts the Threat of Demon Nookie

I'm used to hearing over-the-top demon rhetoric from certain New Apostolic Reformation preachers, but this takes the cake. In a November 19th article posted at Charisma Magazine, Cedric Harmon discusses incubi and succubi, demons that supposedly sexually assault humans and "lure people into homosexual behavior." The article hilariously blames demons for nightmares, erotic dreams, and homosexuality.

The Charisma article introduces readers to Contessa Adams, author of a 1999 book on alleged sexual demon possession, Consequences. Adams, described as a former stripper turned ministry leader, claims that she contemplated becoming a lesbian after a succubus attacked her. Obedience to God, she argues, is the best defense against sexual demons. "The Holy Spirit has to reprogram you. If you're not programmed for obedience, it's hard to do so," she told Charisma. "Once you come out of that world, you're learning what you can do and what you cannot do. With the Holy Spirit, if [you] go to touch that fire, He will quicken you and tell you, 'No.'"

The article also quotes from U.S. Prayer Track president Eddie Smith, who works with people experiencing "demonic sexual attacks." Smith claims that such demonic attacks are common in "pagan religions" such as Voodoo and Santeria which allegedly invoke demons.

How does one respond to this kind of insanity? Part of me wants to laugh at the superstition and sheer silliness in the article. On the other hand, I can't laugh because there are people in the world who actually believe this medieval nonsense. For example, New Apostolic Reformation preacher Lou Engle speak of demons constantly, blaming demonic influences for "sexual immorality" and "demonization of culture". This literal demonization of homosexuality only serves to ostracize the LGBTQ community and induce shame in believers who are attracted to the same sex. The idea that homosexuality is a natural variation of human sexuality is never considered.

I think such attitudes are rooted in deeply pathological attitudes toward sex, where normal sexual feelings are branded as evil and non-heterosexual orientations are demonized. Such attitudes are fueled by fear: fear of sexuality, fear of the body, fear of LGBTQ persons, fear of non-Christian religions, and fear of the human condition. Healthy sexuality is part of our humanity, and we should acknowledge our sexuality in respectful, responsible ways instead of worrying about demon nookie.

(Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.)


  1. Hey, how can I get in on all this hot demon action? Do demons have profiles on Do they hang out at bars? Has Harmon compiled a list of good demon pick-up lines? These darn fundies never tell us what we really want to know.

    1. Infidel753 -- Beats me. I'm a charming, successful mortal, but the demons won't even notice me.

  2. What makes this any more absurd than any other religious belief?


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