Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Commentary Tidbits: IHOP and Deaton Edition

As more details emerge about the murder of Bethany Deaton, a former intern at the International House of Prayer (IHOP), Religious Right watchdogs are weighing in. Observers express horror at her murder and alarm at the reported practices of her husband's religious group. While IHOP has tried to distance itself from Tyler Deaton's religious group, the ministry is coming under increased scrutiny for its relationship with Tyler Deaton and his group.

When Republic of Gilead first commented on the matter, I was quick to take IHOP at their word. I earnestly believed that IHOP had no connection with Tyler Deaton's group and would foster healing in the community. As more information has emerged, I now realize I was hasty in this assumption. I have since deleted those lines, and I grow increasingly concerned about Tyler Deaton's relationship with the ministry.

Below is a collection of recent columns on IHOP and the Bethany Deaton case. Wayne Besen of Truth Wins Out penned a commentary on IHOP at the Falls Church News-Press, and it's is especially worth the read.

"Beware Grandview and Kansas City. You have an aggressive, militant, angry, fundie cult growing under your nose. It’s time to wake up before you become the next Colorado Springs. Don’t be caught flat footed wondering, “How did this happen?” ... It would be unfair to portray this episode as representative of what occurs at the IHOP. However, it cannot be denied that this church has become a magnet for extremists with a militant End Times view of the world. From my experience, it is an ideal incubator for young narcissists with Messiah-complexes, like Deaton, who fancy themselves prophets."

Box Turtle Bulletin: The tale of Tyler and Bethany Deaton

Truth Wins Out: TWO Accuses IHOP Of Covering-Up Ties To Murder Cult Leader

Jezebel: ‘Ex-Gay’ Christian Sex Cult Leader Accused of Arranging Wife’s Murder

Falls Church News-Press: The International House of Horror


  1. I too don't know much about IHOP and Deaton, but they seem to be a bit suspect. I think as more of this story comes out, we will find ourselves confronted with some serious crazy...

    1. ReasonBeing -- I've been keeping an eye on IHOP's rhetoric for a few years through my blogging, focusing on Mike Bickle and Lou Engle specifically. The ministry's preachers have promoted pro-patriarchy, anti-LGBTQ messages that are disconcerting. Still, I never dreamed something like this would happen.

  2. Completely unrelated to this post, I just wanted to say that your comments on my Tobago bee post MADE MY DAY!! I left you a comment in response. Thank you!!! :)

  3. I hadn't read or heard about this incident but I went and checked out the story and it's appalling. :( ANd really, what kind of nutjob whackos name their prayer group after a pancake house??

    1. Knatolee -- There has actually been some legal wrangling between the International House of Prayer and the International House of Pancakes over the IHOP name.

      Bethany Deaton's murder was a nightmare. I hope her killer -- and anyone else involved in hurting her -- is punished to the full extent of the law. If IHOP had a closer connection with Tyler Deaton that it's admitting, it better say so.


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