Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Anti-Abortion Activists Disappointed in Election Outcome

As mentioned in a prior post, the Religious Right is unhappy about President Obama's re-election. The anti-abortion branch of the American Religious Right wasted no time voicing its disappointment, with various groups comforting their supporters or warning of future strife.

First, in a press release following President Obama's re-election, Priests for Life national director Frank Pavon stated that a "collision course" involving the Catholic Church and Obama Administration has been "assured." He urged anti-abortion activists to remain faithful to their principles and to civil disobedience, vowing that anti-abortion voices would take back the Senate in 2014.  

Next, in a statement at their website, Students for Life president Kristan Hawkins reminded supporters that "[s]urrender is not an option." Hawkins asserted that the group's next step must be defunding Planned Parenthood, "America's Abortion Goliath," something they cannot rely on the President to do.  

In a blog post at the Bound 4 Life website, Susan Michelle Tyrrell was disappointed that "[t]he most pro-abortion president in American history has won re-election 2012 election." She urged anti-abortion readers to stay strong in their activism.  
"Jesus wants abortion to end. We have the Man of all men on our side. We cannot be in the wrong when we do right, but we can be wrong even in being right if we lash out and live from anger. As you take in the news tonight, please don’t forget the mandate to pray, not only to end abortion but for the rulers of this land, whether we wanted them to be elected or not—because that’s’ actually irrelevant to our prayers ... The president may not be on our side with LIFE, but the true King of the earth is. What we must do now is pray for our president, even as we pray for abortion to end."
Finally, Charisma Magazine devoted several commentaries to the election outcome. In a column entitled "Does Romney Loss Mean God Didn't Answer Our Prayers?" Jennifer Leclaire reminded readers that their pro-Romney prayers were not in vain, even if a "pro-gay, pro-abortion" president was re-elected. She called such prayers "seed" that would produce "a great harvest of answers in God's timing." adding that she believed God wanted America to be governed by righteous leaders.  
"Some may be asking, “How can this be? We humbled ourselves. We prayed. We sought His face …” Second Chronicles assures us that if we do those things He will hear from heaven, forgive our sin and heal our land. Yes, but that Scripture doesn’t promise healing begins by replacing a pro-gay, pro-abortion president with a moderate Mormon who happens to ascribe to strong family values ... Still, it pleased the Father that we cried out for a president who would lead us according to morality and holiness. I believe that’s what He wants us to do—to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness."
As for pro-choice voters, we have every reason to be pleased with the election results, but let's not let our guard down. Anti-abortion forces will continue to rage against Planned Parenthood funding, coverage for contraception, and access to reproductive health services. The struggle for reproductive justice is far from over, but the election results offer us hope that the social climate is changing for the better.


  1. their pro-Romney prayers were not in vain, even if a "pro-gay, pro-abortion" president was re-elected. She called such prayers "seed" that would produce "a great harvest of answers in God's timing."

    So God wants abortion to end, but not at this time? Well, it did take their imaginary friend a few millennia to get around to the abolition of slavery, so maybe they should just be patient.

    What an embarrassment to the human species these people are.

    1. Infidel753 -- These people need to stop speculating whether God wants this or that. Isn't it convenient how their God wants the same things they do, even if he doesn't deliver?

  2. Great wrap-ups of the many different sad, and hilarious reactions. Thanks for putting these together.

    1. Wise Fool -- My pleasure. We've gotta keep an eye on the Right, right?


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