Thursday, November 15, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Kansas City Star: A dark side to International House of Prayer’s allure

Huffington Post: Five Reasons Why the Christian Right Is Warning of a 'Revolution'

Sojourners: Rock the 'Slut Vote'

The Nation: Justice for Savita

A Million Gods: Kids These Days

Right Wing Watch: William Murray: Social Security Launched the 'War on the Traditional Family' and Increased the rate of Homosexuality

In These Times: Weak Teavangelicals


  1. Well...I guess all I can say is I'm proud to be a slut! :)

    1. Donna -- Yeah, "slut" is the label they slap on any woman who's thinking about her own best interests.

  2. From the Huff Post article: "When they start talking about "revolution" and "revolt," we all had better pay attention. The last thing we should be doing is sitting around thinking we've won."---That is probably right on. These people aren't dealing with reality and will stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

    While I don't think that violence is in our near future, I do think that some serious political activism is on the way. They type that will be well funded and require people like us to be quite vocal...

    1. ReasonBeing -- Count on it. They'll be smarting over this loss for a long time, which will motivate them to become more driven in their activism.


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