Friday, April 13, 2012

News Tidbits

New York Times: Catholic Bishops Urge ‘Campaign’ for Religious Freedom

Baltimore Sun: Group rallies behind Ale Mary's, bar accused of 'blasphemy'

Raw Story: Texas Christian school fires unwed pregnant teacher

Rome News-Tribune: Baptist group rescinds grant to women’s clinic

Los Angeles Times: Santorum says he was the only true social conservative in the race

Herald Sun: Warning on child ‘demons' in Australia Australian Churches and religious schools fights to maintain gay ban

The Advocate: NOM Exports Antigay Anti-Starbucks Campaign

Gaystar News: Christians book ‘gay cure’ advert for buses

BBC News: Russian Church leader under fire after backing Putin


  1. The article about the Catholic bishops is distressing, as they get farther and farther out of touch with mainstream Catholics. They are now starting to join Republicans in the war on women and their health. They are pulling financial aid to groups all over the country that have no involvement in abortion, but may have small involvement with contraceptive health. It's a shame, and more and more Catholics leave the church. A significant number of the conservative catholics hope that they can purge us and have a leaner meaner church I guess. So very sad.

    1. Sherry -- Progressive and moderate Catholics must feel ill at ease with the clergy's assault on reproductive health. I wonder how many will vote with their feet and relocate to more liberal denominations.

      It's not just reproductive rights that the clergy has declared war on, unfortunately. I've read several stories about the church pulling funds from programs with even a whiff of LGBT tolerance. It's heartbreaking -- those funds could do so much good.

  2. "'Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!'"

    That makes no sense. Who has ever been harassed or discriminated against for being straight?

    As for the teacher in the Christian school, I can't feel to much for her. People know what they're in for when they go to work for such institutions. They shouldn't be surprised when it comes back to bite them on the backside.

    1. Buffy -- It was still unfair to deprive her of her livelihood. I'm unhappy with that school's decision.


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