Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

God Discussion: National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference partners with Personhood USA

Salon: Abstinence Isn't Working

RH Reality Check: From Hate to Love: Why "40 Days of Prayer" is Under Attack by the Christian Right

Big Think: Christian Responses to the Reason Rally

Teresa MacBain at the Richard Dawkins Foundation: Locked Out: How the Church Responded to Their Pastor's Coming Out
(Hat tip to Infidel753)


  1. I saw many of those Christian tirades about the Reason Rally. Why is it Christians go apoplectic whenever anybody else does something? Are they really so threatened by our mere existence? Rhetorical questions, of course. I already know the answers.

    1. Buffy -- Fundamentalism cannot tolerate other belief systems. A pluralistic society in which fundamentalism is not supreme is unthinkable to them.


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