Monday, April 9, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

RH Reality Check: Abby Johnson Explains To CPCs How To Use Forced Ultrasound Bills To Lie and Get Women In the Door

Salon: Reformation of an evangelical

Mother Jones: Helping the Poor is Now Apparently Anti-Bible

Media Matters: Meet Todd Starnes, Fox’s Mouthpiece For Anti-Gay Hate Groups

Religion Dispatches: Kirk Cameron’s Monumental Reveals Subtle Influence of Christian Reconstructionism

Bloomberg: Romney’s Gaffes Won’t Cost Him As Many Votes As His Views

Cheap Signals: Conservative group to gather, bemoan 40 year old advance in sexual freedom

Blonde Nonbeliever: The Lure of Anti-theism

(Hat tip to Infidel753 for several of these links)


  1. I share the Blonde Nonbeliever's stabby feelings at time too. In fact, I heard a preacher on the radio using that same line about planting a $1000 seed and had a reaction quite similar to her boyfriend. It made me sick.

    1. Wise Fool -- It's sickening to see these preachers prey on the people who can least afford to part with their money.


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