Sunday, April 1, 2012

News Tidbits

I will be traveling over the next few days, so posting at Republic of Gilead will resume next week.

Washington Post: A clinic’s landlord turns the tables on anti-abortion protesters

Herald Journal News: Cache Valley man researches why people leave the LDS Church

Boston Globe: Anna Maria College cancels Victoria Kennedy’s commencement speech under pressure from Worcester bishop

American Independent: Some Minnesota churches concerned about NOM’s “wedge” strategy

The Advocate: Mitt Romney Is a NOM Donor, Document Shows

Pink News: Law proposed in Kansas will allow religious to veto anti-discrimination laws

Courthouse News Service: Gay Dances Were Too Much, Professor Says

Xtra: Anti-bullying bills spark protests at Ontario legislature

Gaystar News: God sends mice to punish pro-gay Tesco


  1. The Gaystar piece on the Tesco mice is indeed troubling. Have a great trip, Ahab!

    1. Donna -- People will believe anything, I guess.

  2. Safe travels! It will take me that long to read all of the articles I've missed!

    1. LeftLeaningLady -- Hey you! Good to hear from you again! I'm glad you've returned to blogging.

  3. "A clinic’s landlord turns the tables on anti-abortion protesters"

    Well played. Sometimes the best and only way to deal with these bullies is to fight fire with fire, within the bounds of the law and human decency.

    So God is sending mice to punish Tesco for being pro-gay, but he still can't manage to wrangle up some food for poverty stricken folks around the world? It seems he's got his priorities all out of whack.

    1. Oh it's all part of God's mystery, my dear He has very good reasons for letting little babies starve in Africa while he concentrates on the mice situation, I'm sure.

      I just can't see God sitting up there playing puppet-master. "Today I shall smite the poor hungry children! Let them suffer! Tomorrow, let's see, that naughty Tesco chain is being nice to gays again. Ah, I know, I'll send a horde of mice. I'll save the rats for later when they start being nice to the transgendered." TOO FREAKING RIDICULOUS!

      I guess the mice under my kitchen sink are my punishment for supporting gay marriage and equality for all...

    2. PS Safe journey, happy travels!

    3. Buffy -- I'm glad more people are standing up to the anti-abortion bullies. And yeah, what kind of God punishes LGBT allies but won't help starving kids?

      Knatolee -- The mice under your sink are actually punishment for having too cute a farm. God must have gotten jealous of all the awesome animals running around.

  4. Nice to see there are plenty of morons in my own province of Ontario!! THey disgust me.


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