Saturday, April 30, 2016

Take nothing for granted

Appreciate the wonders of this era in history. Appreciate the many comforts that you enjoy. Appreciate each other. Never take them for granted.


  1. Interesting viewpoint. While I agree that people need to understand and appreciate how much better things have become (and I can see that just in my own lifetime), I would take issue a little with the implication, early on, that there's something wrong with being dissatisfied and striving to make things even better. That is, after all, how we reached our present advanced position in the first place -- because people in earlier times were not satisfied with what they had. To philosophically accept one's lot -- be it slavery or a finite life span -- is not how progress gets achieved. I've often had occasion to be frustrated with such a stance.

    1. Infidel -- I don't believe that we should be resigned to our lot in life or cease to strive for more. Far from it. I shared the video because it's important to appreciate how far we've come, and how precious we are.


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