Friday, March 11, 2016

News Tidbits

Associated Press: Pope's abuse accountability tribunal going nowhere fast

BBC News: Pope imposes new rules for saint-making after 'abuses' of system

The Evening Sun: Pennsylvania: Loud protesters divide Confederate Flag Day attendees

Salt Lake Tribune: After Mormon church ‘balance’ statement, LGBT bills swept aside

Washington Post: This church’s cancer-curing elixir is really bleach, federal authorities say

The Tennessean: Rev. James Lawson: Pro-life movement is attempt to dismantle equality

Raw Story: Anti-abortion group cheers as flood waters threaten Louisiana abortion provider

LGBTQ Nation: Rafael Cruz: ‘Gay marriage shall destroy society’

Washington Blade: Tony Perkins calls lesbian-themed musical ‘sexual propaganda’

Ghana Web: Lion nearly killed prophet after botched miracle


  1. The Mormon Church came out with statements against greater protections for the LGBT community and medical marijuana. Yet when Utah's governor and legislature killed Medicaid expansion to the detriment of thousands of struggling people including children? Not a peep.

    The Mormon god clearly has his priorities screwed up.

    1. Agi Tater -- They never wonder if that callous, meddling deity of theirs is even worth worshiping.


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