Monday, February 29, 2016

News Tidbits

The Hill: Hobby Lobby founder endorses Rubio

Washington Blade: GOP candidates clash in debate over ‘religious freedom’

Fox 13: Same-sex couple claims LDS Church congregation harassed them over disciplinary council

Associated Press: Missouri measure seeks religious exemptions on gay marriage

WLWT 5: Kentucky businesses could soon deny services to gays

The Guardian: Coalition of 400 companies fight Georgia's proposed 'religious liberty' bill

West Virginia Public Broadcasting: No Longer RFRA, What You Need to Know About W.Va.'s Religious Freedom Protection Act 

WBAY ABC 2: Church cuts ties with Appleton Boy Scouts over gay adult leaders

The Advocate: After Raucous Meeting, Florida School Board Votes Down LGBT Antibias Policy

Kilgore News Herald: Longview bakery clashes with Kilgore couple over same-sex wedding cake


  1. Still a lot of nasty people out there. Maybe they'll all die off soon.

    1. Jono -- Until then, rational and enlightened people must prevail over them.

  2. Love the report on the Republican's recent debate. I'd forgotten that Trump had criticized Cruz for supporting Justice Roberts' confirmation. And now we've another matchup tonight!

    1. Donna -- Last night's debate was a doozy. I'd like to post on it once I have some free time.


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