Saturday, January 9, 2016

News Tidbits

Associated Press: Man behind armed Oregon band says he's on mission from God

Baptist Press: Local impact goal of Evangelicals for Life

On Top Magazine: Former 'Ex-Gay' Head Wendy Gritter Rejects Conversion Therapy, Marries Gay Couple 

Entertainment Tonight: Judge Denies Josh Duggar's Motion to Dismiss Danica Dillon Lawsuit

LGBTQ Nation: Cruz’s Virginia campaign leader: Homosexuality is the ‘prevention of the seed’

World Magazine: Cruz endorsement sparks pushback

Washington Post: Ted Cruz asks Iowans for a favor: Prayer

The Advocate: Allstate and Gay Dads in Ad Under Attack by American Family Association

Christian Science Monitor: Czarist echo? Russian Orthodox Church drives to restore its political clout

The Guardian: Philippines axes contraceptive budget

The Local: 'We wrote our vows in blood', says Italian nun


  1. Remember the Blues Brothers were on a mission from God, too.
    Besides the lunacy that is Cruz, I seriously doubt his eligibility due to the circumstances of his Canadian birth, eh?

    1. Jono -- At least the Blues Brothers could make music. Cruz just makes right-wing noise.

  2. Writing vows in blood, self flagellation and notes on "prevention of the seed." Thanks for another trip around the crazy religious right, Ahab.

    1. Donna -- Nothing is quite as trippy as reading up on the Religious Right.

  3. I love how the Mormon church has distanced itself from the Oregon issue. It's convenient that the Oregon men's religion is the source of their rhetoric, but the church surely doesn't stand beside them.

    1. Heather -- This must be embarassing for the church and awkward for the Oregon dorks.


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