Monday, June 29, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

The Daily Beast: Watching Pride as an Ex-Evangelical

Washington Post: Why a lot of evangelicals aren’t actually that upset about the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision

RH Reality Check: Gay Republicans Met With Hostility at GOP Convention

Raw Story: Christian pastor says his new anti-LGBT movie was inspired after meeting nice lesbian couple

Religion Dispatches: Evangelical “Sexual Purity” Is Not About Sex — It’s About Power

Rosa Rubicondior: Catholic Church Just Doesn't Get It! 


  1. When you go through and find news articles to post links to- do you ever get anxiety? So many of these articles are face palm/ WTF worthy.

    1. Heather -- I feel disappointment or disgust sometimes. Those feelings are tempered by hope, though, because the tide is turning against the Religious Right. (We still need to keep a wary eye on them, however.)


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