Monday, December 15, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

The Church of the Fridge: The Role of the LDS Church in Developing Torture

Love, Joy, Feminism: Then What Makes Us Different? Torture Edition

The Daily Beast: Church Sex Scandals Are Rooted in Theology

New York Observer: The Duggars Seem So Nice Until You Meet Their Terrifying Political Agenda

SPLC Hatewatch: FRC Spokesman Declares ‘War’ on the LGBT Community

Right Wing Watch: Bobby Jindal Is Predictably Partnering With Anti-Gay Radicals For His Prayer Rally


  1. Interesting piece from the Church of the Fridge. I agree with his conclusions that authoritarian religions that emphasize obedience over morality (or in other words, equate morality with obedience) are breeding grounds for otherwise good people who can be persuaded to do evil things.

    1. Agi Tater -- The lessons of the Milgram experiments ring true even today, unfortunately.

  2. The LDS church doesn't care about whats right when it comes to violence. The men who were involved in the torture allegations won't be excommunicated- they'll be exonerated and be put into high level authority positions inside the church. Violence doesn't flinch the eyes of the LDS church- questioning does. Ask the right question and you're kicked out. Obeying authority is all the church cares about. Torturing a man with water-boarding and sleep deprivation, unfortunately, is a non issue.

    1. Heather -- I can believe it, since questioning threatens the LDS power structure, whereas waterboarding detainees does not. Authoritarian organizations do not care if their members are ethical, only that they do what they're told.


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