Thursday, May 8, 2014

Commentary Tidbits

Overturning Tables: Where’s the Great Conversation, Gutenberg?

Pilgrim's Road Trip: The almost-apologies of Gothard, Phillips, Mahaney, Driscoll

The American Prospect: By Grace Alone

Gay Star News: The rise and rise of the anti-gay religious right

Think Progress: Las Vegas Police Host ‘Choose Purity’ Event Claiming Premarital Sex Turns Girls Into Prostitutes

Huffington Post: Meet Brother Dean Saxton, Who Believes Women Are To Blame For Their Own Rape

Vice: Slut-Shaming Preacher

Stuff Fundies Like: A Timeline

The Local: Despair and poverty turn French to far right


  1. Premarital sex turns girls into prostitutes, eh? Does it turn boys into gigolos then?

    1. Agi Tater -- You expect their arguments to have internal consistency? Silly.

  2. On the Gay Star News link, for those unfamiliar with British politics, I should point out that Nigel Farage doesn't belong in the company of those other crazies. He's a nationalist, not a religious fanatic. His party (UKIP) recently reversed its opposition to gay marriage and expelled a member (Julia Gasper) for waging an "unacceptable war" on gay rights. The UKIP is currently the target of an intense smear campaign in Britain, for reasons that have nothing to do with gays or religion one way or the other, and it's important not to get unwittingly caught up in it.

    1. Infidel -- I'm not up-to-speed with UK politics, so thank you for the input.


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