Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

The Way of Improvement Leads Home: White Guys Talking About Christian Hip-Hop and "Reformed Rap"

Uncommon God, Common Good: Ayn Rand, Christians and Altruism

Right Wing Watch: Why It's Best Not To Cite The Pilgrims While Defending Hobby Lobby

Washington Post: Catholic hospitals are growing. What will that mean for reproductive health?

Think Progress: The American Family Association’s Naughty Or Nice List And The Vapidity Of The ‘War On Christmas’

Mother Jones: Why Climate Change Skeptics and Evolution Deniers Joined Forces

Political Research Associates: How the Right's State-Based Think Tanks Are Transforming U.S. Politics

Spiritual Sounding Board: Doug Phillips: “Disowns” Former Vision Forum Executive Assistant to President, Peter Bradrick, Calls Him “Destroyer” When Confronted about Sins

This Ain't Livin': I Don't Need Faith to Have Ethics


  1. Thanks for all of these. My eyes went straight to "I Don't Need Faith to Have Ethics."


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