Thursday, April 19, 2012

Commentary Tidbits

Think Progress: Conservatives’ Anti-Gay Day Of Dialogue Encourages Students To Promote Shame, Depression, And Substance Abuse

Wall of Separation: Another Blunder In Buncombe? Schools Considering ‘Passive Distribution’ Policy For Religious Literature

National Center for Science Education: Freshwater appeals again

Telling Secrets: Words Matter: Empathy vs. Judgment

Jesus' General: Republican Science

People for the American Way: How the War on Women Became Mainstream

AlterNet: The Criminal Religion of the Bloodthirsty Pastor Hagee

SheWired: Rosie O'Donnell v. Super Bowl Street Preacher who Says She's 'Ungodly,' and a 'Lesbian Pig'


  1. Wall of Separation: Oh, man, I LOVE Asheville! It's hip, full of drum circles and dreadlocks, the best foodie town north of Charleston. We were shopping for houses there before The Little Depression hit. They surely couldn't have dumbed down and wingnutted up so badly in the short time since we visited!? But, then, I'd have said the same thing about the whole country four years ago.

    1. Nance -- I'll have to stop by Asheville if I'm ever in North Carolina. As for the wingnuttery, it's in many places, just more visible now.


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