Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

God's Own Party: Who Invented Newt?

Slate: Lowe's Caves into Anti-Muslim Pressure

Natalie's Narrative: Don't put me on a pedestal, when you've really locked me in a cage

Religion Dispatches: God Wants You to Work Harder, and to Stop Complaining

Truth Wins Out: The Top 10 Ex-Gay Stories of 2011

Washington Post: The religious right returns

SPLC Hatewatch: Internet Evangelist: Glenn Beck is a ‘Wolf of Satan’


  1. Quote: "Workplace spirituality neatly legitimates globalization while muffling its psychological effects."

    Why am I not surprised at Christianity once again becoming a tool of the rich and powerful? I swear, Ahab, that religion really needs to reform itself.

  2. That's a fascinating article about the workplace spirituality movement. It will be quite interesting to see if other corporations adapt a similar strategy. I suspect that it would be limited in "success" to factory/processing genres, like Tyson. I don't think it would gain traction in engineering firms, for example.

  3. Paul -- Too true! It seems to have made a theological wrong turn at some point.

    Wise Fool -- Before I read that commentary piece, I had no idea any of this was going on in American workplaces. You raise an interesting point about what workplaces would be most receptive to it.

  4. "Don't put me on a pedestal, when you've really locked me in a cage"

    Excellent. Women are held to a bizarre double-standard in fundamentalist circles. They're ignorant, frail children who need men to make decisions for them and protect them. Conversely they're Jezebels who must take drastic steps to ensure they don't cause men (who apparently are unable to control themselves) to stray from the path of righteousness. The only recourse is to keep women covered neck-to-ankle in "modesty" garb and restrict them to matters of bearing and raising children. That way they won't strain their fragile brains or get in the way of the menfolk.

  5. Buffy -- And yet, fundamentalists rarely see the contradiction in stereotyping women this way. Kudos to women who escape that kind of thinking.

  6. The Top 10 Ex-Gay stories were fascinating. I did not know about the iphone app

  7. Nurse Myra -- Yeah, that iPhone app created a lot of controversy when it came out.


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