Monday, February 14, 2011

Creators of "The Art of Marriage" Appear on Huckabee

Last evening on Fox News' Huckabee, Mike Huckabee interviewed Dennis and Barbara Rainey, founders of FamilyLife and creators of "The Art of Marriage" workshop. (Click here if you're having trouble viewing the video.)

At the 2:11 mark, Dennis Rainey discusses his vision of family, which he limits to heterosexual couples:

"I think God designed children to be raised by a mom and a dad in a committed relationship called marriage. It's where truth is taught, love is learned, and when a mom and dad are committed in a marriage relationship that goes the distance over a lifetime, I think that family unit becomes the cornerstone of a civilization. And frankly, it's a part of the impact of the breakdown of the family today all across the country. I think our country is in serious trouble because of what's happening in homes."

At the 4:05 mark, after Huckabee asks what she's taught her husband during their marriage, Barbara Rainey discusses her belief in innate gender characteristics:
"The main thing I've had to teach him, which is what I think every wife has to do, is how to speak the language of a woman, because he is a man, and I think very differently than he does as a man, and I think it's true in every marriage. I think like a woman, he thinks like a man, and part of the art of marriage is learning to appreciate our differences, and how we blend together to really produce a better union together than we would individually, apart. So I think the overarching lesson is how to speak woman."

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