Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Today's Orange Horrors, and Glimmers of Hope

Reuters: Trump backs House Republican healthcare plan, aims to cut drug prices

New York Times: Trump Tells Planned Parenthood Its Funding Can Stay if Abortion Goes

Washington Post: To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security

ABC News: What Unearthed Radio Recordings Tell Us About Steve Bannon's Worldview

ABC News: New travel ban drops Iraq but keeps six other majority-Muslim countries

The Guardian: UN says Trump's revised travel ban will worsen plight of refugees

CNN: Hawaii plans to file first lawsuit against new travel ban 

PBS News Hour: Congress to investigate Trump’s wiretapping claim

Politico: State Dept. staffers have one question: Where’s Rex?

Take heart! Americans are still standing against Trump.

PBS News Hour: American Indians gather in D.C. for four-day protest against Trump, Dakota Access pipeline

The Independent: 'A Day Without a Woman': Anti-Donald Trump protest forces two US districts to cancel school


  1. Trump promised that everyone would have health insurance. I can't wait to see how he fulfills that promise.

    1. Jono -- I doubt he will. I wish he would just promise to stop Tweeting.


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