Saturday, March 18, 2017

News Tidbits

The Independent: U.S. states consider laws allowing creationism to be taught by science teachers

Las Vegas Sun: Religious concerns meet Nevada bill banning therapy to convert gay, lesbian minors

The Lakeland Ledger: Polk bus driver placed on administrative leave; accused of telling boy he and his moms are going to hell

Baptist News Global: Baptist state convention sued over rape at church camp(Trigger warning)

Pink News: Christian law firm claims gay people are building an ‘army' to challenge Trump


  1. Creationism taught by science teachers? What fairy tale are they buying into?
    Gay people don't need to build their own army. There is a YUGE one building that they are welcome to join along with millions of others who care about humanity.

    1. Jono -- Fundamentalists do love their fairy tales, don't they? The problem is, they want the rest of us to believe them too.

  2. "Gay people don't need to build their own army."

    But think how fabulous the uniforms would be. And that pink tank!

    1. Deanter -- Imagine a hot pink aircraft carrier. It would be fabulous.


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