Thursday, March 23, 2017

News Tidbits

Southern Poverty Law Center: Federal court permits Vermont lesbian to sue Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver for role in international kidnapping

Reuters: Come down from pulpit to deal with sexual abuse, Catholic leaders told

Associated Press: Katy Perry says she 'prayed the gay away' as a youth

The Independent: Republican politician says rape and incest part of God's will

Philly*com: Religious groups sue school district over transgender student

Buzzfeed: This Bus Is On A Road Trip To Convince You That Transgender People Aren’t Real

Washington Blade: Kentucky governor signs ‘religious freedom’ bill against LGBT students

Washington Blade: Caribbean pastors ask U.S. to stop promoting LGBT rights abroad


  1. I can deal with stupidity, but ignorance is a choice. It's a bad choice.

    1. For most of today's Trumpanzees and fundies, ignorance has gone beyond being a choice. It is their philosophy of life.

      Form the third and fourth links we learn that rape and incest can be God's will, but consenting-adult lesbianism is always an evil. Glad they got that one figured out. And we keep hearing that we're supposed to "respect" these people's beliefs?

    2. Jono -- Nowadays, most ignorance is willful. Sadly, it's also the freely chosen comfort zone of a LOT of people.

    3. Infidel -- We don't have to respect bigotry, callousness, and misinformation. And we won't.


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