Saturday, March 5, 2016

This Scene Looks Strangely Familiar...

Earlier today, Trump told attendees at an Orlando rally to raise their right hands and swear that they would vote for him. This scene looks oddly familiar ...


  1. I live about an hour away from where that rally was held.

    I dread the reality that a sizable number of my neighbors were either there or wanted to be... and how many of them would have willingly done that goddamn salute.

    What's worse is how Trump asked for the pledge. Not to America. Not to the flag or country or family or anything other than himself. That pledge was to him. They had to pledge to him.

    Dear God. Not here. Not like this.

    1. Paul -- Thanks for stopping by! Trump's fan base frightens me. Don't they understand that they're being manipulated? Don't they understand that a Trump presidency would be disastrous?

      As for the video, Trump's loyalty is to Trump. He values power more than the well-being of Americans.

      I wonder if he did that swearing moment on purpose, as a private joke?

  2. Good god. I think this article nails the Trump problem on its tiny pinhead:

    1. Agi Tater -- Thanks for the Gawker commentary. Nolan was scathing, but he was right!

      "One might as well put a pig in front of a microphone and thoughtfully transcribe his oinks as you interview him about supply-side economics."

      The pig would demonstrate more poise and gravitas.


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