Saturday, March 19, 2016

News Tidbits

Raw Story: Christian blogger: Pro-choice women ‘need to be reminded’ men are ‘supposed to be leaders’ on abortion

KKTV 11: Robert Dear Tells 11 News He's Been Declared Incompetent

Associated Press: Homophobic Bishop protests Notre Dame decision to honor Vice President Joe Biden

The Advocate: Tennessee GSA Supporters Rally While Hate-Group Leader Calls It 'Vile'

Pink News: Cruz ‘proud’ to be backed by activist who claims gays are possessed by demons

Burlington Free Press: Vermont vote bans conversion therapy for gay teens

Reuters: Religious liberty bill passes Georgia state legislature

CBS News: Georgia's "religious liberty law" stirs backlash from business

Washington Blade: Kansas bill for ‘religious freedom’ in schools reaches governor

Gay Star News: Cardinal who said gay marriage would cause incest accused of covering up pedophilia


  1. Yay Vermont for banning gay conversion therapy!

    1. Donna -- One more state joins the side of sanity.

  2. I hate to use the name of the "Christian blogger" referred to in your first link. I guessed it was him before I clicked on it. But I hate to give his name or his latest pathetic misogynistic rant any kind of acknowledgement.

    1. Agi Tater -- He sounds like a piece of work.

  3. From the Raw Story- Matt Walsh and his blog post- what the hell. This man has no clue. What these conservative men don't understand is that no one is 100% FOR abortion. Women don't have sex hoping to get pregnant to have an abortion. There are real and personal reasons why a woman would choose to have one. No vagina no opinion.
    This is such a hot button for me! I have 3 daughters who should have the final say in what happens to their bodies.

    1. Heather -- I'm glad you're raising your daughters to be strong and independent. Guys like Walsh can get lost.


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