Saturday, March 5, 2016

Commentary Tidbits

Vox: The rise of American authoritarianism

The Atlantic: The Religious Roots of Shaming-as-Rehab Programs

Out from Under the Umbrella: An Explanation for Trump’s Popularity from Shallow Hal

Right Wing Watch: Franklin Graham Boycotts Girl Scouts Cookies As Part Of Anti-LGBT Crusade

RH Reality Check: Accused Clinic Shooter Says His Victims Are ‘Casualties’ of ‘War’

Huffington Post: Read This Before You Say Anything Else About 'Taking Back America'


  1. Banning Girl Scout cookies. Can he sink any lower than that?

    1. Donna -- What did the Girl Scouts ever do to him? Here's a loud "boooo!" to anyone who espouses homophobia or hates Girl Scout cookies.

  2. Thanks for the h/t, Ahab.

    I'd already seen/read the Vox article on authoritarianism. I thoroughly enjoyed the HufPo article on "Taking Back America".

    1. Ruth -- I'm glad you liked it. Right-wingers could use a dose of common sense like that.


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