Friday, December 17, 2010

Commentary Tidbits

Talk to Action: Christian Air Force Officer Vows to Violate Military Regulations if DADT is Repealed

Daily Kos: John Boehner pals around with terrorist Randall Terry

New York Times: Gay Bashing at the Smithsonian

Talking Points Memo: Anti-Gay Activist: Gay Rights Groups Stole The Rainbow From Us!

Media Matters: Yet another reason not to take Donohue & Perkins seriously

Media Matters: WaPo contributor: Gays are sexist -- and your marriage may be fake

Blabbeando: Hispanic homophobic bigots ask the FCC to fine Univision for interviewing Ricky Martin

Joe.My.God: Family Research Council Vows Vengeance on "DADT Turncoat" Sen. Olympia Snowe

Edge Boston: A Conservative Christian Speaks Out - For Gay Rights

Religion Dispatches: High Schooler Says Barbara Ehrenreich's Book Violates His Civil Rights

Religion Dispatches: Newsweek’s Strange Faces of the Christian Right List

Truth Wins Out: Stop The Anti-Gay Genocide In Uganda Tell Mike Huckabee: Condemn Rev. Lou Engle's Calls for Violence Toward LGBT People

Good As You: 'My Princess Boy' Stirs Controversy, Say Mixing Bowl and Spoon

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