Saturday, December 4, 2010

Commentary Tidbits

365 Gay: Bigotry Watch: NOM goes after Prop 8 judges

Amplify Your Voice: Does the Ring Mean a Thing?

Media Matters: Beck: Obama is "religiously, an enigma"

Media Matters: Michigan paper runs another anti-gay advertisement

Freak Out Nation: Is C street Winning? Orders Given to Arrest Gays in Kenya

Right Wing Watch: Beware the Green Dragon!

RH Reality Check: The Pope, Condoms, and Contraception: Let's Get This Conversation Started

RH Reality Check: State of Emergency? Conservatives Warn CEDAW Ratification Will Threaten American Norms

Mature Landscaping: Ayn Rand's Right: Vomiting in its Own Hat

Salon: John Boehner hangs out with Randall Terry

Progress Online: Defending LGBT rights in Africa

The American Prospect: Dominion Over the Earth?

SPLC Hatewatch: Tony Perkins Defends Family Research Council, Sort Of

Religion Dispatches: Answers in Genesis Seeks Tax Breaks for New Theme Park

Barefoot and Progressive: Steve Beshear humiliates the state of Kentucky

Ethics Daily: Conservative Christian Leaders Plot to Replace Obama

Care2: The Family's Threat to American Democracy
(Hat tip to Donna Banta for the last article)

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