Sunday, December 12, 2010

Commentary Tidbits

Main Street Plaza: What if Mormons ceased their anti-gay marriage political agenda?

The Gaytheist Agenda: Study Discovers What Should Be No-Brainer: LGBT Children with Accepting Parents Fare Better

The Liberal Agnostic Who Could: Conservative Faith and the Literate Female

RH Reality Check: Expect More "Action" From Live Action Come 2011

Amanda Hess: Meet LeRoy Carhart's anti-abortion protesters

Extremities: Innumerate Inerrancy

An Apostate's Chapel: Evangelistic Ethics

Truth Wins Out: MSNBC Interview: Uganda’s Kill-the-Gays Emperor Has No Clothes

Good as You: FRC to launch responsibility-shirking 'Start Debating, Stop Hating' campaign

Talk to Action: The Prophecy/Conspiracy Genre - Using End Times Prophecy to Mainstream New World Order Narratives, Part I and Part II

Right Wing Watch: Glenn Beck: Irresponsible And Indifferent To The Violent Consequences of His Dangerous Rhetoric

Right Wing Watch: IHOP: Preparing Thousands of Students For the End of the World

Right Wing Watch: Liberty Counsel: DADT Keeps "Moral Perverts" Out Of The Armed Services

Media Matters: On Fox & Friends, Perkins claims he's not "anti-gay" while promoting "research" that says "homosexual behavior is harmful"

Spewing Truth in the Face of Lifes: Reading: Wendell Potter's "Deadly Spin" and How it Relates to NOM

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Religious Right Doesn't Want LGBT Children to Have Parental Support

(Hat tip to the DV8 for the last link.)

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