Monday, August 3, 2015

News Tidbits

Washington Post: How the Planned Parenthood videos set off a renewed wave of activism on abortion

USA Today: Family planning budgets in crisis before Planned Parenthood controversy

Associated Press: Lottery starts for regional rail passes for papal visit

Huffington Post: An Ex-Gay State Senator Is Running For Governor In Missouri

WWLP 22 News: Massachusetts lawmakers hearing arguments for and against "conversion therapy"

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News: 'Ex-gay' Nevada woman needs crowd funding for her straight make-over

Seattle Pi: Mark Driscoll moves to Arizona: Will new church rise from the ashes of Mars Hill?

Christian Today: Mark Driscoll publicly apologizes to fellow pastor Joel Osteen for 'sin' against him 

Pink News: Christians vow to put up 1,000 anti-gay billboards across America


  1. Looks like it's a week for the ex/anti-gays. Sigh.

    1. Donna -- There's never a shortage of material on these things.

  2. "Christians vow to put up 1,000 anti-gay billboards across America."

    Can we all guess how that will end? (Actually, I don't see it happening, but if it does, the pushback will be awesome.)

    1. Shaw -- I can't wait to see the pushback. Of course, the people behind the anti-gay billboards will probably complain about how "persecuted" they are if that happens.

  3. Re: The Missouri guy. I am actually a how doctrinaire and sure and BINARY the liberals are on that comment thread. People are more changeable, more flexible, than they are willing to accept. This guy, for whatever reason (good or BAD) decided he was not going to live life as a gay man. The "teenage confusion" thing is silly and harmful and should be hooted down. But the idea that people cannot ever evolve sexually seems really strange and contrary to experience of a lot of people!!!


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