Thursday, August 27, 2015

Commentary Tidbits

Satiricalifragilistic: On Frollo and Josh Duggar

Gawker: Making Money Off Miracles: The Gospel of Televangelists

Rolling Stone: LGBT Catholics Disappointed on Eve of 'Liberal' Pope's U.S. Visit

The Guardian: Silence in the Catholic church may be its weapon of self destruction 

Freedom Builders: 10 “biblical” beliefs that poison Christians

RH Reality Check: Deceptive Planned Parenthood Attack Videos Spur More Anti-Choice Protests

Washington Post: The war on Planned Parenthood intensifies, but the group is fighting back in court

SheWired: Get Ready for Antigay Candace Cameron Bure Full Time on The View

Wall of Separation: Arkansas Officials Post Ten Commandments But Reject Symbols Of Other Faiths

New York Times: Trump-ward, Christian Soldiers?

Slaktivist: White evangelical voters, Donald Trump, and the evolution of the religious right


  1. Interesting piece from Freedom Builders. I mostly agree. I think if I had to go back to school I would study psychology with an emphasis on how religious beliefs influence the brain and the entire cognitive process.

    Perhaps it would explain the man driving an older style Jeep I passed today. It had a confederate flag flapping from the antenna, an entire side window painted with a confederate flag, and big red white and blue letters in the back window spelling "Merica". I sh&$ you not.

    1. Agi Tater -- Gaaaah! Jeep Man sounds like a nightmare come to life! In my home town here in Pennsylvania, I've seen three houses so far with Confederate flags, not to mention vehicles with the flag ... which is weird because Pennsylvania was not a member of the Confederacy. Some people are just clueless.

      The neurobiology of faith would make for fascinating study.


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