Sunday, November 3, 2013

Video: So-Called "Ex-Gay" Programs Don't Work

With the annual NARTH conference approaching, some LGBTQ groups are bringing new attention to harmful "ex-gay" therapies. Truth Wins Out just released a video of mental health professionals explaining why sexual orientation change efforts don't work.


  1. When I saw this video,it really showed me what a big problem these "therapies" are. I know they exist, but from the video it seems that they are more wide spread than I would have expected. It also seems that its never the gay person that is looking for the "treatment",but rather the bigoted people around them that force it on them.

    1. Christian -- In some cases, it's definitely parents or other loved ones compelling an LGBTQ person to take part in this so-called "therapy". I'm glad New Jersey and California have banned conversion therapy for minors, so that misguided parents can't pressure their children into it.


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