Thursday, November 14, 2013

News Tidbits

Associated Press: Oakland University: Ex-Coach Abused Players, Pushed Church

WITF: Rally pushes for "In God We Trust" in all public schools

KPBS: Creation Museum Denied Membership By San Diego Museum Council

Bloomberg: Noah’s Ark Depends on Faith in Default-Plagued Debt

Gay Star News: Family refuses to tip waitress, former marine due to her ‘gay lifestyle’

USA Today: Mall arrest sparks free-speech debate

Pink News: Christian Concern: Stonewall need to help us place anti-gay bus adverts on London’s buses

New York Times: God Called Them to Adopt. And Adopt. And Adopt.

Washington Post: Catholic fringe defies Pope, disrupting interfaith Kristallnacht ceremony Argentine cathedral

NPR: With Echoes Of France, Debate On Religion Divides Quebec


  1. Maybe they should make it "In God we trust, since 1956"

    1. Christian -- Aye. Regarding the WITF article, I can only shake my head.


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