Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Commentary Tidbits

GLAAD: The Values Voter Summit is bringing anti-LGBT extremism back to the fore

New York Times: Sex, Doubt and the Pope

Raw Story: Catholic Bishops Make It Official: Forced Childbirth Is More Important Than Feeding Babies

Love, Joy, Feminism: Thank God I'm Not an A**hole

R. L. Stollar: Dear Ken Ham and AiG, Please Listen to What Some of Your “Atheist Friends” Think About Your Billboards

What Would J.T. Do?: Ken Ham has a new “Thank God You’re Wrong” campaign


  1. Thanks again for the tidbits. I'm not sure why these God billboard wars started (Thank God I'm Not an A**hole) but I wish they would end!

    1. Donna -- Did you hear that the Freedom from Religion Foundation is posting an atheist billboard to compete with the Answers in Genesis one?



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