Friday, July 26, 2013

News Tidbits

BBC News: Archbishop Tutu 'would not worship a homophobic God'

Washington Post: For most Americans, gay equality trumps religious objections

Edge Boston: New Orleans Strikes Ban on After-Dark Preaching on Bourbon Street From Solicitation Ordinance

Des Moines Register: Forum to rally evangelicals, pastors

Raw Story: Pastor: ‘In God We Trust’ signs on Tennessee courthouse are part of ‘majority rule’

NBC 10 Philadelphia: Pennsylvania: Group to Protest Same-Sex Marriage in Montgomery County


  1. From 2nd link: These findings suggest that the gay civil rights movement has reached a tipping point in the United States. For a growing majority of Americans, sexual orientation is fast joining race and gender as a human trait that should not subject any person to discrimination.

    This could become a tipping point for fundamentalism itself. Fundamentalism has chosen anti-gay discrimination as a hill to die on -- an issue where compromise is impossible -- and indeed the Bible seems to pretty clearly mandate that stance. With the social consensus moving firmly in the opposite direction, they'll establish themselves as a repulsive fringe group like racists, perhaps eventually as ostracized as gays once were (although being a fundamentalist will never be illegal). Every time they use the phrase "religious freedom" they turn out to be talking about the "freedom" to discriminate. The phrase may become as tainted as "states' rights" has.

    1. Infidel -- Your predictions give me hope. I hope recent developments around LGBTQ equality deliver a sound blow to American fundamentalism.


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