Monday, December 19, 2011

Commentary Tidbits

Cognitive Discopants: Who Needs a Savior? Wright vs. Comfort

Are Women Human: Recapping the Mars Hill Documentary: Gender, Race, Sex, and Cults of Personality

She Wired: An Open Letter to Homophobic Christian Parents This Christmas

The New Civil Rights Movement: Homophobe Pastor Rick Warren Tweets On Hitchens' Death. Twitter Responds.

Truth Wins Out: Here Is How Russia Became Anti-Gay

Digital Journal: Campaigner: Religion Is Behind Homophobic Persecution in Africa

Right Wing Watch: Bachmann Hopes to Reshape the Judiciary According to her 'Biblical View of Law'

New York Times: The Evangelical Candidates Fizzled

Box Turtle Bulletin: Pink Bibles and Six Degrees of Absurdity

Think Progress: Newt Gingrich: Gay People Choose To Be Gay Like Priests Choose Celibacy

Salon: Limbaugh rejects teachings of Jesus


  1. That is hilarious that they are recalling the Pink Bibles. At least it would be, if it wasn't so sad.

    I guess that is an uncomfortable shattering of their myth that Planned Parenthood only exists for abortions! :-)

  2. Loved the She Wired piece. Makes perfect sense. Problem is, the people she addresses aren't too keen on logic. And then there's Newt ... he continues to entertain. Thanks again Ahab.

  3. Wise Fool -- Planned Parenthood is so anathema to these people that they'll do anything to spite it, like this silliness with the pink bibles.

    Donna -- Sad but true. Trying to reason with people like that can be an exercise in futility.

  4. Ahab, I'm waiting for our Evangelical friends to tackle the social evils of drug cartels, street gangs, and mafias. But instead, they attack gays. I just don't understand.

  5. Paul -- Yeah, you'd think they'd focus on ACTUAL problems in the world instead of harmless scapegoats.

  6. Their idiocy knows no bounds.


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