Sunday, December 11, 2011

Commentary Tidbits


  1. Ahab, Pally's take on the "New Evangelicals" is one of the most interesting things I've read in weeks. My suspicion is the New Evangelicals will continue to grow in numbers and influence, and, if they do, that could easily be a game-changer for politics in America.

    I've long been of the opinion that we are never going to abolish religion -- not even a branch or two of it. So, I have felt the real challenge is not to abolish it, but to reform it. At least, that has seemed the only possible thing to me.

    It is entirely heartening to read about the New Evangelicals. I hope Pally is right. I hope we are seeing the emergence of a new, more humane, and more liberal Evangelicalism.

  2. Another thing I would like to add. Historically, the New Evangelicals seem to share some things with the Progressive Protestants of the latter 1800s. It's not well known today, but during that era, most Protestant ministers were by the standards of the time progressives. It seems to me that, if Christianity can have taken that turn once, it can take that turn again.

  3. The Huff Post piece on Santorum gives me hope. I think Rick Perry's recent anti-gay ads have fallen flat as well.

  4. Paul -- There is much hope in the fact that religion is ever-evolving. Let's hope American Christianity evolves into something progressive and humane.

    Donna -- As society grows more accepting of the LGBT community, homophobic politicians will be falling HARD.

  5. "I think Rick Perry's recent anti-gay ads have fallen flat as well. "

    They're the new "Gathering Storm" if the slew of parodies are any indication.

    Methinks Katz projects too much when he claims atheists are "nasty, bitter and empty".

    And when Republicans care one-millionth as much for born humans as they claim to care for zygotes I'll take them seriously.

  6. Buffy -- The "Gathering Storm" video is a great comparison.


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