Sunday, January 29, 2017

Today's Orange Horrors, and Glimmers of Hope

ABC News: US Judge Grants Stay on Deportations Under Trump Immigration Order, but Overall Ban Remains

CNN: White House discussing asking foreign visitors for social media info and cell phone contacts

BBC News: Trump puts Bannon on security council, dropping joint chiefs

Politico: House Democrats demand meeting with DHS chief over Trump ban

Don't lose heart! We have these glimmers of hope to strengthen our resolve.

The Hill: Feinstein to introduce two bills in response to Trump's ban

The Guardian: Kaine likens Trump Remembrance Day statement to Holocaust denial

Reuters: Attorneys general from 15 U.S. states, DC decry immigration order

CBS New York: Cuomo announces toll-free hotline

ABC News: Protests Build Across the Country Against Trump's Immigration Order

Huffington Post: Thousands Protest Outside White House To ‘Shame’ Trump Over Immigration Order

Los Angeles Times: Thousands protest at LAX against Trump travel ban

New York Daily News: Protesters rally in lower Manhattan against President Trump’s travel ban

Boston Globe: Thousands at Copley Square protest immigration order

WJZ: Hundreds Of Protesters Gather At BWI To Protest President’s Travel Ban

Politico: Christian groups oppose Trump's preference for Christian refugees


  1. Did you see the huge (Yuge!) influx of donations to the ACLU? Trump understands lawsuits. It's one of the few things he actually understands.

    1. Jono -- Yes! I was overjoyed when I heard that the ACLU had received new donations and new members. They'll need all the support they can get for the battles ahead.

      As for lawsuits, they seem to be coming at Trump from all directions. I hope he gets the message that he can't act with impunity.

  2. I've been reading rumors all day about the next edict Trump will give in the next few days: repealing the federal bans on LGBT discrimination passed by President Obama, (WaPo is reporting on this now) and possibly impeding adoption by gay couples. We'll see. I expect everything bad and nothing good from these people.

    1. Shaw -- I've seen articles about the anti-LGBTQ policies that could be coming soon. I'm nervous that Trump will try to undermine all the progress that the LGBTQ community has made.

  3. This can't last. Even members of the GOP are trying to distance themselves from this orange menace. My money says they'll move to impeach him before long. He's too difficult to control.

    1. Agi Tater -- I expect an impeachment to happen. While that would leave us with Pence as president, it would be a less awful scenario than the current situation.


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