Monday, November 7, 2016

News and Commentary Tidbits: Election Edition

Infidel753: Going nuclear

Rosa Rubicondior: Time For Positive Thinking!

First Draft: We Don't Need to Heal. We Need to Win.

Talking Points Memo: Trump Rolls Out Anti-Semitic Closing Ad

Washington Post: A Catholic priest put an aborted fetus on the altar in an appeal for Donald Trump

Huffington Post: Catholic Church Bulletin Says You’ll Go To Hell If You Vote Democrat

New York Times: The Religious Right’s Trump Schism

Boston Globe: How the religious right embraced Trump and lost its moral authority


  1. Trump as the saint of the religious right is beyond hilarious.

  2. I'm still in shock. It has been a dark week and a half. It's nice to come here and find optimism and some semblance of sanity.

  3. I need to thank you Ahab for the links to news posts. its been about 6 weeks and things don't look any better. Hang on tight- its gonna be a long 4 years.

    1. Heather -- I wish I could blog about Trump frightening ascent, but my schedule doesn't allow it right now.

      It will definitely be a rough ride, but people of conscience won't be passive. Americans will push back.


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