Sunday, July 5, 2015

News Tidbits

CNN: Oklahoma Supreme Court orders removal of Ten Commandments

Public Religion Research Institute: Is America a Christian Nation? Majority of Americans Don’t Think So

Associated Press: Indiana's religious freedom bill among host of new laws

In Touch Weekly: Duggar Investigation: Emails Reveal Cops Were Paid to Guard the Very Family They’re Investigating

Los Angeles Times: Christian activist decries 'evil' gay marriage with a honey-smooth voice

Gay Star News: Gays want to force Christians to ‘have sex’ with them: Anti-gay pastor Tim Brooks

WKRN 2: Tennessee store owner replaces ‘No Gays Allowed’ sign

UPI: Catholic Church in Norway ordered to pay $5.1 million for fraud

News*com*au: Australia: Calls for ‘gay-away’ therapies by groups against same-sex couples to be banned


  1. "No gays allowed..." just like "no blacks allowed" not too long ago. Will we ever learn?

    1. Heather -- Some people refuse to learn from history, sadly.

  2. Scandinavian countries and Australia are so much more evolved than we are.


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