Tuesday, May 19, 2015

News Tidbits

LGBT Weekly: LDS Church, Utah governor support anti-LGBT World Congress of Families upcoming conference

Politico: Influential evangelicals to try to rally behind one GOP candidate at meeting

Washington Post: Eyeing gay marriage case, evangelicals and Catholics rally around battling poverty

LGBTQ Nation: U.S congresswoman demands FTC investigation of ‘gay conversion therapy’ practices

Texas Observer: Texas Churches Make Infamous Anti-LGBT Hate Groups List

Huffington Post: Arizona Pastor Steven Anderson Claims Anti-Gay Businesses Are 'Destroying America' By 'Being Too Nice' To LGBT Customers

Huffington Post: People Who Are Anti-Abortion Are Also Sexist, Worrying Study Finds

Colorado Independent: Tony Perkins: Obama’s ‘weapons of sexual radicalism’ hamper Christian anti-poverty efforts

Seattle Pi: Mark Driscoll returns: Ex-Mars Hill pastor gets standing ovation at Mill Creek Church


  1. Let's hope the Irish drive out the snakes of intolerance in the coming vote!

    1. Shaw -- I hope so! In two days, we'll know.


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