Friday, December 12, 2014

News Tidbits

New York Times: Bob Jones University Faulted Over Treatment of Sex Abuse Victims

USA Today: Kentucky rejects $18M in tax incentives for Noah's Ark park

Associated Press: Noah's Ark Builders May Fight Kentucky Tax Break Rejection

Q Notes: Anti-gay N.C. church members indicted on felony kidnapping, assault against gay man

Windy City Times: Agenda for Synod on Family previewed, DignityUSA responds

LGBTQ Nation: Lawmaker responds to anti-gay billboard with bill to ban ‘ex-gay’ therapy for minors


  1. Some good ones here. The anti-gay N.C. church members were just trying to show god's love through kidnapping and assault.

    1. Jono -- These anti-gay types have a twisted idea of God's love, that's for sure.


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